TANZANIA – Zantel Ezypesa, a product of Zantel Tanzania, has partnered with TPB bank to allow customers conduct interbank transactions from wallet to bank and bank to wallet in a bid to increase use of mobile money services to simplify accessibility of financial services, reports Habari Leo.

The Head of Zantel Zanzibar, Mohammed Khamis Mussa said in Zanzibar yesterday that the initiative makes TPB the 12th bank to partner with Zantel for interbank transactions.

“Our industry keeps evolving at a very high pace and we always thrive to keep up with all the technological advancements, all in efforts to give our customers the best services by expanding accessibility of our mo bile money services through partnerships with other players,” he said.

He added, “Through this partnership, our customers can now have access to TPB mobile banking through Ezypesa by simply going to Ezypesa menu,” He said with mobile money, transactions have been made easy especially through partnerships with financial institutions like TPB, and it is exciting to add them to Zantel roaster.

“With TPB on board, our Ezypesa customers who are banking with TPB will now have the luxury of doing interbank transactions at their fingertips,” he noted.

He said Zantel aims at easing transactions using Ezypesa, hence the partnership with various commercial partners to achieve the goal.

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The Tanzania Postal Bank Plc. is a licensed commercial bank in Tanzania, and has the roots of one of the oldest banking institutions in the country. The bank traces its roots to the Tanganyika Post office Savings Bank, which then formed an entirely independent entity from the Tanzania Posts Corporation. In 2017 the bank aimed to list itself on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and officially transformed into a Public limited company.