KENYA – Kenya-based global software solutions firm Techno Brain has signed a deal with tech firm UTU to offer customers seamless digital services.

Under the deal, the two firms will mutually leverage their existing technology investments to provide “seamless digital experience to their combined customer base”.

The plan is to achieve common goals of “trusted ecommerce networks, digital privacy and delightful customer experience”.

“The partnership with UTU is a great example of combining strengths of individual organisations to provide greater benefits to our customers and industry at large can benefit from single view of blockchain and AI integrated solution,” said Anand Mohan, the managing director for digital at Techno Brain.

According to Business Daily, Techno Brain would leverage UTU’s blockchain/AI based trust infrastructure in their digital transactions platform while UTU would leverage Techno Brain’s Artificial Intelligence products that include Robotic Process Automation and ChatBot solutions for channels engagement with end customers.

UTU Technologies (UTU) is an AI and blockchain firm based in Kenya and the parent firm, MaraMoja transport is an Uber competitor.

It is anticipated that the acceptance of blockchain technology and integration of artificial intelligence in Africa will be broadened by Techno Brain’s Pan-African presence, strong partner networks and user base.

 “We are humbled and excited to work with Techno Brain to bring our trust infrastructure to market at scale across the continent with transformational solutions for digital business across lending, insurance, and digital commerce,” said Jason Eisen, founder and CEO of UTU.

Despite transformations in digital lives, digital commerce has not kept pace and is still riding on the trust mechanisms built in the 1990s.

This in the wake of recent breaches of public trust by large internet companies, the growing global demand for better privacy and greater trust to fuel increasingly sensitive digital transactions.

The partnership establishes UTU and Techno Brain as the leading providers of digital trust infrastructure as a service for online enterprises and small business across Africa.

Techno Brain is Africa’s leading custom software application development company offering innovative IT solutions across industries, IT Training and BPO services.