GHANA – Tullow Ghana Limited, one of the largest oil producing companies in the country,  has handed over the refurbished Takoradi Airport Apron to the Ghana Air force.

The Oil multinational also commissioned a new office complex at the airport which was built to enhance airport operations.

 Refurbishment works at the airport included the reconstruction of an area of 22,692 square metres, excavation works and the rehabilitation of five thousand- metre square of roads.

Report from Tullow show that the total overhaul of the airports tarmac was done at a cost of US$ 2.3 million.

The handing over was presided by Mr Kweku Awotwe, Tullow Ghana’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director.

Mr. Kweku noted that the refurbished Apron had made the airport more accessible and safe for airport operations.

The refurbished Apron according to Kweku, met environmental health and safety standards and also provided easy transition of passengers to and from the aircraft.

Mr. Kweku added that the Takoradi airport  now had increased accessibility and adequate parking space for expected larger airplanes, additional helicopters and aviation services.

The refurbishment according to Kweku, would also reduce congestion with adjoining broads and parking areas at the shore base.

The Executive Vice President said the company was committed to ensuring that their operations impacted positively on the lives and well-being of the communities they operated in.

“It is this idea, this philosophy that is embedded in our principal of shared prosperity and we are proudly handing over the Airport Apron today to benefit the people of Ghana,” Said Kweku.

Tullow Ghana also constructed a new shore base building with multiple state of the art amenities would encourage and support a productive working environment.

The new office complex features state of the art facilities such as meeting rooms that are fitted with smart technologies, lactating rooms, disability friendly washrooms and ramps, among others.

Ghana’s Western Region has in the recent past experienced an influx in the number of inbound and outbound flights due to the establishment of numerous oil and gas companies in the region.

The refurbishment and expansion of the Takarodi Airport would therefore enhance the operations of these companies.