EGYPT The Schoolz app, a startup that specializes in participative transportation for school pupils, has received six-figure pre-Seed funding from Saudi Arabian and Egyptian investors.

According to Hosni Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Schoolz, the new financing will be used to launch Schoolz for business following a trial period, as well as the launch of Schoolz cloud services in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

“Schoolz also aims to use those investments to pump funds in business growth of studentstransportation to schools besides launching Schoolz for Business, and this service aims to transport employees to their work within Cairo and Giza governorates,” Hosni said.  

“Also launching Schoolz SAAS (providing Software As A Service), which will allow schools and companies to use our technology infrastructure tools without our fleet.”

“We felt the community’s need for such service through parents’ feedback after the service launch in Cairo and Giza.”

Abdel-Monsef Ismail – Co-founder, Schoolz

Schoolz, a transportation service for children founded in 2020 by Hosni Ahmed, Abdel Monsef Ismail, and Ayman Hamza, uses current technology, qualified drivers, supervisors in every car, live webcams to allow parents to monitor their children, and follow-up alerts from pick-up to drop-off.

“We know that there is a great opportunity for the students and children transportation services market, inside and outside Egypt,” Hosni added.

“We started it experimentally at the peak of the Corona pandemic to test the minimum market acceptance of our services, and the results were impressive! In the first week of the launch, we transported the first group of students to their schools, then we transported children to the club during the weekend.

“Quickly, schools, sports academies, and clubs communicated to us to use our services. We immediately provided technology, tools, and transportation technology for them, whether using our fleet or by using Schoolz system to manage the transportation process smoothly and completely.”

Abdel-Monsef Ismail, co-founder and technology director, said that at Schoolz, they focus on providing safe and comfortable transportation at the best price.

“We felt the community’s need for such service through parents’ feedback after the service launch in Cairo and Giza. The two governorates contain 2 million students in private and international schools, which is the segment that Schoolz works on serving. They spend over 16 billion pounds annually on this service.”