AFRICA — The Access Challenge, a pivotal organization at the forefront of addressing global health disparities, has announced a leadership transition with the appointment of Asad Lilani as the new Chief Executive Officer.

He succeeds the founder and current CEO, Kate Campana, who will join Ambassador Togolani Mavura as Co-Board Chairs effective June 21, 2024.

Ambassador Mavura brings a wealth of experience from his current role as Tanzanian Ambassador to South Korea and his extensive background in Tanzanian and international diplomacy.

Celebrated for his impactful global health policy and advocacy work, Asad Lilani is poised to drive the organization forward to new heights as CEO. 

During his time at The Access Challenge, Asad advanced the Universal Health Coverage agenda at the African Union and UN levels. He also led The Access Challenge’s COVID-19 response, which reached over 75 million people across Africa through its One By One vaccination campaigns in partnership with the Africa CDC and WHO. 

Over the past five years, Asad has also led campaigns in seven countries on various issues, such as Universal Health Coverage, COVID-19, polio, cholera, HIV, and pandemic preparedness. 

This leadership transition is part of a strategic move to embed African voices in global health decision-making processes. 

There is no substitute for African voices and leadership in shaping global health priorities,” says Kate Campana, reflecting on her years of leadership across influential organizations. 

This approach aligns with The Access Challenge’s mission and the actions of leading global health actors like ONE, USAID, and the White Ribbon Alliance, which prioritize investments in local leadership and solutions.

Acknowledging the critical role of young African leaders in addressing the continent’s unique challenges, The Access Challenge emphasizes the importance of youth representation in leadership roles. 

With approximately 75% of Africa’s population under age 35, empowering this demographic is pertinent and essential for sustainable progress.

In their new roles as Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors, Kate Campana and Ambassador Mavura will ensure the organization’s ongoing commitment to its mission and the successful transition towards a future with promising prospects for Africa and global health.

“I have long been associated with The Access Challenge,” says Ambassador Mavura. “Its mission has inspired me, and I believe in its ambition. I look forward to contributing to The Access Challenge’s agenda.”

Expressing deep gratitude towards supporters and collaborators, Kate Campana looks forward to the new directions in which the incoming leaders will steer The Access Challenge. 

This leadership change marks the beginning of a transformative phase for the organization, advocating for global health leadership that genuinely reflects the perspectives and experiences of its beneficiaries.

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