MOROCCO – Tanger Med Port 2 complex, part of one of Morocco’s largest ports, has been gradually rising in terms of the amount of goods it handles and as at 2019, the port is said to have handled 4.8 million containers.

The value of containers handled in the port complex represents more than a 38% increase in 2019, compared to the number of containers that passed through the port in 2018.

A press release from the port revealed that a total of 4,801,713 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) had passed through the port since it became operational.

The Tanger Med port complex also handled 500,465 vehicles at the two-vehicle terminals in 2019, representing a growth of 5% compared to the previous year.

The number includes 380,784 Renault vehicles, of which 349,050 were for exports. The statistics also include more than 112,857 vehicles handled at the common user terminal.

“Last year [2019]  was marked by the start of PSA vehicle exports through Tanger Med port from the Kenitra plant,” the statement added.

In addition to cars, Tanger Med Port handled a total of 357,214 trucks in 2019, representing a growth of 9% compared to 2018.

The recent data from the port showed that passenger activity in the port maintained stability last year, with a transit of  2,775,402 passengers (-1%) and 697,324 vehicles (+1%) compared to 2018.

“Liquid bulk traffic recorded total traffic of 6,349,154 tons of hydrocarbons handled, a growth of +7% compared to 2018,” the report added.

The report found that solid bulk traffic recorded a total of 258,340 tons handled, representing  an increase of 2% thanks to “the traffic of steel coils and wind turbine blades.”

In 2019, 14,305 ships docked at Tanger Med port, up 7% compared to 2018. About 800 mega-ships (over +299 meters in size) docked in the port, representing a 9.9%  increase compared to the previous year.

The dramatic increase in the number of containers being handled by the port has in affect attracted the eye of international investors who want a piece of the ever-increasing pie.

The press release from the port authority said that 10 new operators have launched activity in the Tanger Med port logistics zone in 2019, including international players such as DHL, NIPPON EXPRESS, and KASAI.

DHL, the world’s largest logistics firm launched its a new facility in May last year to help large multinationals and logistical operators optimize their flow of goods into Europe and Africa. The 6,000 m2 DHL facility is located in Tangier’s Logistics Free Zone ( ZFL).

Nippon Express also launched its Tanger Med Logistics Center in July 2019 to strengthen its logistics functions in anticipation of future growth in Morocco and North Africa.

Nippon also aims to use its facility to put in place a structure capable of meeting customer needs as it actively moves into the African market.