SOUTH AFRICA – Siemon, one of the leading global network infrastructure specialists, announced that its world-class technology has been installed throughout Sasol’s head office complex – Sasol Place – in Sandton, South Africa, reports CIO East Africa

Complementing its state-of-the-art design, Siemon’s structured cabling provides a 10 Gigabit Ethernet ready solution that future proofs Sasol Place and has helped to create an intelligent building described by Business Insider as one of the ‘most awe-inspiring new office buildings in South Africa’.

Sasol was Originally formed in South Africa in 1950 and uses selected technologies to make liquid fuels, chemicals and low carbon electricity.

Now a global organisation with about 31,000 people working in 32 countries, it remains one of South Africa’s largest investors in capital projects and skills development.

Approximately 240,000 metres of Siemon’s Category 7A shielded cable and 3,750 Category 6A Z-MAX connections were installed across 10 floors.

This solution supports all typical data and voice applications and will be able to handle higher bandwidth next-generation technology.

 With a range of building services able to converge on the network, saturated wireless, audio-visual (AV) and telepresence technologies will benefit from the new cabling infrastructure, which also facilitates

Revesh Deepraj, Sasol’s network infrastructure manager, explained, “We knew that we would need a cutting-edge network cabling infrastructure and specified a high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet ready solution.”

“After assessing the various options available, we decided that Siemon’s technology, as well as its intelligent building knowledge and expertise, would be a good match.”

 “Selecting cabling with a 20 year plus lifecycle reduces the need to replace product over time. Less cable means less raw materials which, in turn, helps us to protect the environment.”

“In Siemon we have found a truly unique global partner that understands our needs and is a pleasure to work with. I am confident and satisfied that our network is robust and that Siemon’s solutions for intelligent buildings are the right way to go.” Revesh Deepraj added.

Rene Proost, Siemon’s sales manager, concluded that Sasol is one of very few companies in South Africa to have adopted the highest cabling standard – in doing so it has future proofed its network infrastructure for any applications it adds over the coming years.