DJIBOUTI – Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of 30 extraordinary brands, has unveiled newly transformed spaces at Sheraton Djibouti.

The 185-room hotel is the first Sheraton in Africa to bring to life the brand’s new vision of its guest experience and showcases signature elements from the new concept following a multi-million-dollar investment by Constellation Hospitality Group. 

The reimagined spaces aim to create an environment where guests can feel comfortable and at ease, whether working, meeting, or relaxing.

Drawing on its roots as a community hub for locals and guests at flagship locations globally, the new approach for Sheraton creates an intuitive and holistic experience with places to connect, be productive and feel part of something. 

Located on the Plateau du Serpent in the old Diplomatic Quarter, the hotel is within walking distance from downtown Djibouti and 10 minutes from Djibouti Ambouli International Airport.

The iconic Sheraton Djibouti was the first international hotel to open in the capital, combining rich Djiboutian culture with global hospitality standards.

The hotel was recognized by the Republic of Djibouti in its first year of opening and featured on the annual postal services stamp.

A landmark in the local community, Sheraton Djibouti holds special memories for many Djiboutians who have enjoyed glamorous visits, family gatherings, and cultural celebrations at the hotel. 

A modern-day “public square”

At the heart of Sheraton Djibouti is the lobby boasting a magnificent crystal light feature depicting the map of Djibouti.

The lobby has been reimagined as the “Public Square” of the hotel; a holistic, open space that invites people to be together or to take time to be alone amongst others, creating a sense of energy and belonging.

With a flow that is natural, intuitive, and uncomplicated, guests have what they need within arm’s reach, all set against an inviting backdrop that feels warm and comfortable yet refined.

Sheraton Djibouti features many of the signature elements of Sheraton’s new vision which includes the Community Table, an inviting, purpose-built workspace that anchors the hotel’s lobby and allows guests to work, eat, and drink while soaking up the energy of the space.

Following Sheraton’s philosophy to embrace both form and function, these tables are custom designed with amenities to keep guests productive including built-in lighting and power outlets. 

The Studios are flexible gathering spaces available to book whenever a guest needs it, facilitating collaborative working, connecting and socializing in a less formal setting. Built on raised platforms and enclosed with glass, the tech-enabled Studios allow guests to contribute to the energy of the public space while also providing privacy and focus for small group meetings or private dining experiences. 

Sheraton Djibouti’s new elevated food and beverage offering creates a focal point in the lobby experience. Part bar, part coffee house and part market, the Coffee Bar is a central pillar of the new Sheraton vision, transitioning guests seamlessly from day to night with dining options that are locally sourced, easy to consume while working and customizable to accommodate all tastes and time schedules.  

Sheraton Djibouti features 327 square meters of events space, including 3 meeting rooms and a newly renovated ballroom that can accommodate 180 guests.

The hotel’s professional meeting and event professionals provide all the necessary expertise and assistance for successful gatherings ranging from intimate group meetings to large wedding celebrations.

“We are thrilled to welcome global travelers and local residents alike to experience the new and inspiring spaces at Sheraton Djibouti,” said Boumediene Ouadjed, General Manager at Sheraton Djibouti,

“Djibouti has much to offer and discover with its eclectic blend of old and new. Its vast-ranging landscapes including salt lakes, sunken plains and rocky canyons, make it a great destination for nature lovers.” 

Visitors to Djibouti can relive the adventure of the oldest road in the salt trade while walking alongside camels loaded with “white gold”, and dive with Whale Sharks, one of the only places in the world one can get up close and personal with these creatures. Guests can visit the vibrant green Lac Assal, just 30 minutes from Sheraton Djibouti, the green water lake attracts geologists and volcanologists from all over the world.

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