KENYA – Ride-hailing company Little Cab, has launched its Boda Boda product in the coastal city of Mombasa, reports The Star.

Little’s clients can now enjoy a safe, convenient and affordable way of moving in and around Mombasa without the hustle of being stuck in the daily unending traffic congestion.

Little Boda was first launched in Nairobi in November 2018 before expanding its operations to Kisumu in July 2019.

The expansion to Mombasa is part of Little’s wider growth and expansion plans that will see the company’s innovation availed in several other cities within the country and in the larger African Continent.

Little Cab’s clients will have the opportunity to enjoy low-cost rides with Little Boda charging only Sh15 (US$0.5) per kilometer, which is lower than what existing competitors are charging in the market.

“The expansion of Little Boda operations into Mombasa is inspired by the need to provide alternative transport solutions to the residents of the city, over and above the current options available to them that are not only relevant to their mobility needs but also innovative, safe and affordable.” Little’s General Manager Alex Mwaura said. 

Little Boda will be included as a category within the app that can be downloaded directly from App Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users.

Users can then select the category from the app when requesting a ride and a Boda Boda rider will be there within minutes.

Currently, Little Cab has a myriad of products on its platform that includes Little Basic for smaller sized cars, Little Boda, Little Parcel- available to both retail and corporate clients and Little Shuttle meant to provide an alternative mass commute solution in Nairobi.

The company already has a presence in Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia as well.

Launched in Kenya more than two years ago, Little has grown to be more than a cab hailing app.

From a transport hailing platform, Little is making inroads to becoming a super app starting with the transport and food vertical.

In Kampala, the firm has been testing its Little Treats, a food delivery.

Little Treats works with a number of restaurants in Kampala, Uganda to deliver food to its users in the shortest time possible.

With the launch of Little Boda, Little’s Little Treats are highly likely to become a reality as using cabs to deliver food was deemed to be expensive and costly to the firm.