AFRICA – BluePeak, a private equity firm recently founded by former Gulf Capital executive Walid Cherif, is mobilizing money for its very first credit fund. The company aims at raising US$200 million.

BluePeak indicated that it wants to support African SMEs which have trouble accessing credit. 

The fund is designed to seek debt financing opportunities in African SMEs, with an allocation of resources that will be equally divided between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. 

The company’s managers said they mainly target East and West Africa, in the sub-Saharan region.

The fund will not seek to engage in highly cyclical sectors such as tourism, it will rather focus on sectors such as health, education, consumer services, telecommunications, infrastructure, and real estate. 

BluePeak hopes it will reach its fundraising target by mid-2020.

Established in 2006, Bluepeak is a Pan-Asian premium strategy and M&A advisory firm that provides strategy development, business development, M&A, private equity investment and corporate finance advisory related to China or Asia, with a strong focus on cross-border transactions in the middle market.

Based in London and Tunis, BluePeak Private Capital is an alternative asset management firm established in 2019. 

The firm was founded to fill a financing gap and focus exclusively on the provision of bespoke financing solutions for businesses across Africa and the Levant region.

BluePeak Private Capital seeks to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and downside protection by investing in privately negotiated structured debt-like and equity instruments. 

BluePeak provides flexible capital solutions to entrepreneurs who believe in their business’ potential and are therefore seeking a structure less dilutive and more customized than traditional private equity.

BluePeak’s tailor-made investments comprise the full spectrum of preferred capital solutions ranging from junior debt to senior equity.

To date, the agency covers eight sectors, on a daily basis. These include finance, agriculture, energy, telecoms, mining, communication or law while other sectors are in the pipeline.