KENYA – PigiaMe, a leading online classifieds site has launched ‘Gikomba’ market online, a portal that provides an avenue for locals to sell and buy affordable household items from each other.

Speaking about the new product, PigiaMe’s Head of Business Development and Operations, Charles Sabula, said that the move follows the current rise in garage sales and flea markets being organised in popular neighbourhoods.

“Kenyans are clearly seeking an opportunity to trade anything they no longer need and purchase what they need from each other in a second-hand goods trade. We have provided a platform that is their solution to trading online in a safe platform” said Sabula.

In a recent survey by PigiaMe, majority of Kenyans are stuck with items in their houses that they no longer need and would wish to gainfully dispose of them in order to buy what is more practical in their current life.

The largest affected group is the Kenyan middle class who are stuck with household goods that are still in good condition and would wish to sell them off and buy what they currently need.

PigiaMe focuses on online buying and selling in Kenya, so that Kenya’s second hand, being the largest consumer market, does not let most of the money go out of the country to imports. The items are assorted consisting of baby items, furniture, electronics, fashion and sporting equipment.

This they say has led them to provide a platform where Kenyans can sell off what they don’t need and from the same website, buy an item they can use all at affordable prices to the common mwananchi.

The online buying platform offers a solution to this by connecting buyers to sellers after authentication checks to verify the genuinity of both parties, even studying their criminal history.

Speaking at the media roundtable, Brenna Excel, the Head of Vertical Horizons at ROAM – the umbrella wing for PigiaMe and Brightermonday among many other platforms – noted that in 2018 Kenyans imported 134,000 tonnes worth of secondhand items at Ksh.12.74 billion worth.

“Pigiame is a platform where buyers and sellers meet to sell new and used items hence retaining money in the country as opposed to importing,” avered Brenna, adding; “It takes care of local trade so local traders do not lose out to imports thus the Kenyan economy.”

The online platform provides a one stop shop for all items needed for purchase or sell in an online market setup.