AFRICA – Kariya Energy, a North American energy firm, is set to acquire upstream and midstream oil and gas assets in various African jurisdictions, targeting producing assets and developing small-scale LNG

Kariya Energy and its management team’s engagements and experience with various deep and shallow water projects in Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Congo DRC, Congo Republic and Gabon makes these countries great investment possibilities.

After spending 16 months reviewing data from various IOC’s, Kariya Energy will be pursuing acquisitions of various exploration and development plays either through Farm-in deals or operatorship through risk service contracts, or direct negotiations with sovereign governments.

Kariya Energy will continue with its current and ongoing support by providing technical, financial, and operational support for oil and gas companies currently operating in Nigeria, Congo and Gabon.

Kariya Energy’s strategy has focused on the innovation and evaluation of new opportunities for resource extraction with great technology that has produced results.

Kariya Energy will pursue profitable small-scale LNG projects across Africa, a niche that its leadership has been skilful in building and making it profitable and scalable, boasting significant potential across the African market.

With its technology, Kariya can turn around African small-scale LNG and work with partners in addressing off-grid power generation for industrial and residential needs in remote locations and deal with issues around energy poverty.

Small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG), a niche but nascent industry that is already profitable and scalable, boasts significant potential. It is well placed to meet the growing demand from the shipping and trucking industries for fuels that are more environmentally friendly than oil and diesel.

ssLNG also enjoys advantages in addressing off-grid power generation for industrial and residential needs in remote locations. Because LNG burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, ssLNG is likely to gain further traction as market and regulatory pressures to transition to lower-carbon energy intensify.

In the same way that “fracking” transformed the U.S. energy landscape, ssLNG has the potential to transform the role of gas in a number of key geographies and industry sectors. As companies approach the ssLNG market, they should be prepared to act quickly.

In selected applications, such as marine and off-grid power generation, it will be vital for participants to establish first-moveradvantage. But they will also need to have the right strategy in place, underpinned by the appropriate capabilities, which include the ability to build partnerships across the LNG chain.

Kariya Energy is an energy firm focused on upstream and midstream petroleum industry operations and investment: exploration and production, services and supplies, refining, pipelines and logistics.

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