NIGERIA – MePlaylist, a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from investors that include Mathew Knowles, father of artists Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.

Knowles believes MePlaylist offers music consumers in Africa a unique experience that is much more simplified for a continent where internet penetration and the use of smartphones is projected to experience significant growth.

In a statement, Knowles said that MePlaylist is Africa’s own answer to the popular music streaming platforms, but it takes streaming a step further by personalizing the experience for each consumer based on their consumption patterns and the technology available to them.

This and the population of Africans both on the continent and in the diaspora is why he is proud to have invested in MePlaylist.

MePlaylist is a music streaming platform that presents music content to users in an intuitive and data-friendly fashion, projecting African acts to the world and vice versa.

The platform comes with a unique administrative royalty distribution, multiple plan types and subscription currencies, high-quality audio, plus DDEX standards for ingesting and reporting usage.

These amongst others have attracted global music stakeholders to the platform, hence making it possible to partner with music distributors globally.

The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market by providing a music consumption and promotion service that will make music consumers enjoy their listening experience on an optimized app without breaking the bank or running out of options.

MePlaylist users will also be able to curate their own playlists and get followers to enjoy new music from all over the world.

“Our focus is to put our users and their music consumption habits first; our platform has been designed with the understanding that people are mobile and constantly in need of new content, so from our interface to our catalogue options, we are making the MePlaylistTM experience the best in the market,” said Olakunle.

Olakunle further emphasised the increasing importance of user-generated content (UGC) to give more visibility to music that matters.

“MePlaylist has been designed to be an intelligent music App that applies artificial intelligence to give each user a unique experience,” he added.

Olakunle believes that everyone will find their favourite kind of music on the app and anticipates that pre-launch subscription figures will shoot up significantly in the coming days as more Nigerians experience the seamless features of the MePlaylistTM app.

“Because of the innovative app we have built, MePlaylist will offer artists, aggregators and other content owners the opportunity to better monetize their content and reach a wider audience,” said Ayodeji Oyenekan the Head of Technical Innovation at MePlaylist.

Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corporation is joining other global industry majors who have invested in Nigeria’s rapidly growing music industry.

Michael Kay Kiladejo, Managing Partner of Music World International, and CEO of Track Record Entertainment LTD, UK, expressed optimism in the African music landscape and cited reasons for investing in MePlaylist.