MOZAMBIQUE – The municipality of Pemba, Mozambique, has secured US$1 million in financing from the Japanese government through the UNDP to improve the efficiency of its solid waste collection and transport.

This funding aims to address the unsatisfactory state of solid waste management in Pemba, which has worsened with the influx of internally displaced persons fleeing armed attacks by insurgent groups in Cabo Delgado.

Part of the budget will be used to purchase backhoe loaders, container trucks, graders, tippers, trucks, motorbikes, and other equipment to enhance environmental sanitation in Pemba by June 2025.

Samuel Akera, head of the UNDP office, emphasized that this initiative is part of the UNDP’s Stabilization and Immediate Recovery project, implemented in Cabo Delgado, where violent attacks between the Islamist group Al-Shabaab and the Mozambican armed forces have been ongoing since 2017.

“The objective of this agreement with the municipality is to reinforce capacity in terms of equipment for solid waste management in Pemba as part of the UNDP project for the recovery and stabilization of Cabo Delgado,” said Akera, emphasizing the UNDP’s crucial role in the project and reassuring the audience of its effectiveness.

Mayor Satar Abdulgani reiterated his promise that the funding would be a beacon of hope for Pemba. He is committed to improving environmental sanitation in the city by acquiring necessary equipment.

“You can be sure that in five years, we will not be in situations of poor management of solid waste and access roads in our neighborhoods in Pemba,” Abdulgani assured, instilling hope for a cleaner and healthier future for the city.

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