UGANDA – Kenyan based logistics platform Sendy has expanded its services to Uganda to tap business, seeking to make deliveries within Kampala and beyond. Sendy announced its entry as part of its vision to ease trade in Africa.

According to New Vision, the logistics platform has hundreds of trucks in Uganda already.

Sendy connects these truck partners to businesses in Kampala and other regions which is convenient for businesses seeking services and creates business opportunities for the partners.

During the announcement at Mestil Hotel in Kampala, CEO and Co-Founder Meshack Alloys said that the move to expand to Uganda has been influenced by increased truck volumes moving in the country.

He also noted the immense impact of logistics in the Ugandan economy and said that Sendy seeks to formalize the informal logistics sector and move goods efficiently to accelerate trade.

“We are excited to announce our entry into the Uganda market. This entry will not only accelerate trade in this country but also increase efficiencies through our tracking system and technology platform.

“We use data to optimize how logistics is done and it is through this that we believe that Sendy will bridge the gap between partners and businesses,”  Alloys said.

According to Northern Corridor Transport Observatory Report, 82 percent of transit cargo through Mombasa Port was destined for Uganda. This in return increases the inter transit transport of goods within Kampala and its environs.

“Logistics in Uganda is growing and is the backbone of economic growth for the Ugandan economy. We at Sendy would like to ensure that we drive economic growth by connecting businesses with partners for efficient trade in the country,” Alloys pointed out.

Sendy currently connects businesses with transporters to make it easier to trade across Africa. Sendy aims to introduce over 5,000 businesses in Uganda to the platform.

Sendy connects Customers with Drivers to help deliver goods simply and transparently. Customers place orders through the Sendy platform, and Sendy dispatches these orders in real time to available Sendy Drivers.