NIGERIA – Yves Guillemot, founder & CEO of Ubisoft, a French video games giant, has invested in Nigerian startup Africa Delivery Technologies SAS, who operate the Kwik Delivery – an on-demand delivery platform launched in June 2019 in Nigeria to help the company scale its operations.

The investment, part of Lagos-based company’s ongoing Series A round, aims to allow the company to scale up in Nigeria as delivery platforms have proven an essential link to Africa last-mile delivery supply chains in the current context.

A B2B logistics platform, Kwik has seen impressive early growth, and is now in the process of raising a Series A round.

The investment will allow the company to scale up in Nigeria, with the founder and CEO Romain Poirot-Lellig saying delivery platforms had proven an essential link to Africa last-mile delivery supply chains in the current context.

“Kwik aims to become the first platform for last-mile delivery in urban areas in Nigeria before extending its scope to neighbouring countries. We’re targeting 100,000 deliveries per day in three cities before 2021,” said Romain who is also the developer of the Kwik app.

In September 2019, Kwik Delivery launched its application programming interface (API) to customers. Any merchant with an e-commerce platform or just a POS (point of sale) can integrate Kwik’s on-demand service and benefit from the flexibility and reliability.

in November 2019, Winpart, an aftermarket spare parts wholesaler partnered with Kwik Delivery to ensure smooth, on-demand and flexible last-mile delivery of light auto spare parts to customers in Nigeria.

Kwik uses the power of data to provide B2B platform services to Africa merchants, in the domains related to last-mile logistics and trade.

They launched their breakthrough on-demand delivery service in Lagos in June 2019 and they recently crossed the 6000th B2B signed up users’ mark.

Their user base ranges from the Shoe Revamp shop and the liquor store in Yaba to CFAO’s Winpart and prestigious banks and law firms.