AFRICA – Huawei, a multinational technology company, has launched a product which is designed to help businesses get more productivity out of meetings and collaborations to drive enterprise collaboration in the in the Sub Saharan Africa region, as businesses rally from the effects of the Covid-19. 

The product, named IdeaHub, was launched during an online event. IdeaHub was showcased to business leaders, representatives, and ICT experts from about 300 African companies with the intent of sharing how it works. The theme for the product launch was “Huawei IdeaHub-Intelligence at Your Fingertips”. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to lean more towards remote working structures which necessitates a lot of screen sharing, teleconferencing, and online workspace communication. For businesses that want to leverage the digitisation already acquired, IdeaHub provides a way to inculcate features of remote working into physical meetings. 

The product is essentially a screen on stands. It has multiple features integrated into it including multi-screen collaboration between mobiles and PCs, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, FHD video conferencing and built-in HD AppGallery 

It has a whiteboard feature with low latency that allows people to write out their points for all to see. On-screen nametags are attached to online users, and two-way annotation is provided in the whiteboard feature. 

According to Liao Yong, President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group in Southern Africa, IdeaHub is “disruptive since it can break down silos and enable employees to share ideas like never before.” 

“It is commercially, and even culturally ‘constructive’ as it could help companies build up an intelligent work environment where ideas and information can flow more freely for enhanced efficiency and lower operation costs.” 

With a smarter approach to meetings, taking notes, and collaborating in the workspace, businesses can seize the opening presented by Covid-19 to restructure work processes and digitise work culture. 

In order to further explore the needs of enterprise users and provide them with an advanced productivity tool enabling all-scenario smart office, Huawei also launched its “1+3+X” all-scenario smart office strategy with multiple smart office equipment and supporting software ecosystem. 

“One step further, this may well be an opportunity for African firms to drive their organisational digitisation by not only investing in IT, but restructuring work processes and digitising work culture correspondingly. When African entrepreneurs envision the future of their business, the Huawei smart office solutions should have its place,” concluded Liao. 

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