GHANA –  Rivia, a Ghana-based health tech company, has announced the acquisition of  Waffle, a Ghanaian SaaS company specializing in software for small and medium-sized businesses.

The acquisition is expected to accelerate the digitization of Rivia’s network of primary care clinics and streamline the company’s operations.

The acquisition brings Waffle’s hospital and inventory management software under the Rivia umbrella, which was recently rebranded as RiviaOS. Waffle founder, Victor Nara, joined Rivia as its chief technology officer.

Victor is a brilliant entrepreneur and engineer. I was impressed by his insights on life, business and technology, and a deal was a natural order,” Rivia CEO Isidore Kpotufe said.

“I am very proud of what Waffle has achieved over the years,” said Nara. “When I was presented with the opportunity to join forces with Rivia, a company that shares similar vision, values, and culture, it was a no-brainer.” 

The RiviaOS platform functions as a Healthcare-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution, allowing healthcare providers to access features like appointment scheduling, a booking engine, services storefront, video consultations, e-pharmacy, e-lab, vitals capture, billing, expense, and revenue and inventory management. 

The platform also offers cost-effective AI-powered health diagnosis on-demand.

By combining our strengths and resources, we can deliver more value, choices, and opportunities to clinics, customers, partners, and employees,” said Nara. 

“We will also be able to accelerate our innovation, expand our reach, and enhance our impact.”

Despite the fact that 87% of patient consultations take place in person, primary care in Ghana and other countries often lacks the infrastructure and technology for efficient service. This results in patient dissatisfaction, delayed visits, and a weakened healthcare system.

Rivia’s technology addresses this by creating an “asset-light” network that provides partner clinics with infrastructure upgrades, inventory supplies, and technology. Through standardized practices and protocols, Rivia delivers a consistent patient experience.

RiviaOS enables clinics to operate all aspects of their business on one platform. 

Through this acquisition, Rivia aims to become the leading network of high-quality primary care clinics in emerging markets, operating with an asset-light model.

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