KENYA – Enpact, a German Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has launched a funding program dubbed the Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative that supports young, innovative businesses with a curated combination of mentoring, workshops, network building and funding.

The call is now open for the COVID-19 Relief Programme, which will support 180 businesses across all sectors in the 6 countries Mexico, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Ghana and Indonesia and specifically 25 businesses in Kenya.

The selected businesses will have access to Individual mentoring sessions adapted to their needs, Direct financial support of up to KSh1.1 million (US$10,180) per business, expert workshops on crisis management, business development, leadership and growth and access to our global network of +1000 startups, +300 mentors, experts and investors across five different continents.

The Empowering Entrepreneurship Initiative will now operate two programmes designed to deliver economic relief from the COVID-19 crisis: the “COVID-19-Relief-Programme” and the “COVID-19-Relief-Programme for Tourism.”

The programmes are both funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa works in cooperation with Enpact to promote the implementation of the programme.

The first programme, however, is implemented independently by Enpact. For the second programme, Enpact cooperates with the TUI Care Foundation.

A total of 330 founding teams of young, innovative businesses in Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Mexico and Kenya will be supported with a combination of mentoring, workshops, network building and financial support.

The first “COVID-19 Relief Programme” is open to businesses from all sectors, with the second, “COVID-19-Relief-Programme for Tourism” specifically tailored for businesses from the tourism sector and sectors relevant to tourism.

The two programmes will operate independently of each other and follow different schedules, scales and thematic foci in their respective target countries.

Legally registered businesses in Egypt, Jordan, Ghana, Kenya, and Indonesia across all sectors with an innovative, globally scalable business model have until August 30 to apply for the program.

Enpact is a Berlin-headquartered non-profit organisation empowering entrepreneurs, ecosystems and international cooperation.

It is one of the world leaders in the cultivation of startup ecosystems as a means to promote international cooperation and development. Through a variety of products and services, Enpact supports founders and startups in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

The goal is to create a global network of startup ecosystems that facilitates the exchange of ideas, solutions and support.

At present, Enpact’s network consists of 600+ startups, 200+ mentors and 50+ support organisations in 20+ countries. 2500+ jobs have been created as a result of Enpact’s work with startups.

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