EGYPT — The European Investment Bank (EIB) has appointed Alfredo Abad as the bank’s head of the Cairo office to strengthen engagement with Egyptian partners.

EIB Vice President, Dario Scannapieco, while commenting on the appointment said that the Bank was delighted to Alfredo join as Head of its Cairo office in Egypt.

 “Alfredo brings extensive experience of development finance which will make a valuable contribution to our cooperation with Egypt,” Scannapieco said noting that, “This appointment reflects the increased commitment of the EU bank to support the economic resilience of the Egyptian economy.”

EIB in a statement said that Alfredo Abad´s previous experience covering multilateral development and external relations will make a significant contribution to reinforcing the effective engagement of the European Investment Bank as a leader financier in Egypt.

“I am honoured to lead the Cairo office to implement the Bank’s policy in the Mashriq countries. EIB seeks to strengthening longstanding cooperation with the government of Egypt, business groups and key stakeholders,” Alfredo Said.

He further noted that he very much looked “forward to working with my new colleagues in ensuring that our long-term partnership with the Egyptian government and business community that started in 1979 continues to support job creation, and growth in Egypt.”

Alfredo’s appointment comes at a time when EIB is seeking to strengthening its longstanding cooperation with the government of Egypt, business groups and key stakeholders

Alfredo holds a degree in finance and business administration and has been working for the EIB since 2005 where he contributed to the Bank’s operation and policy implementation in the East and Central African region.

In 2010, Alfredo was the head of the EIB’s regional representation in Pretoria that covers the bank’s activities in 17 countries of the Southern Africa Region.

Prior to taking up his position in Cairo, Alfredo was the deputy head of the EIB’s public accountability function that addresses concerns of people affected by the bank’s financed projects.

Alfredo Abad will start his new post as EIB´s Representative to the EU and Head of the Cairo office as of 5th November 2019.