EGYPT – Egyptian company EnviroTaqa for Sustainable Environmental Services & Renewable Energy has signed a partnership agreement with Swiss biogas company Renergon International AG that will see the two companies work together in biogas projects in Egypt.

Dry fermentation technology combines natural and industrial processes for the fermentation of organic materials to either produce biogas or biomass.

The biogas can be used for a number of uses including home and industrial cooking and generation of electricity.

Biomass, a by product of the dry fermentation process, can, on the other hand, be processed to make organic fertilizer.

According to EnviroTaqa, the partnership sets the tone for cooperation between the two companies and includes several areas of collaboration, including the creation and development of biogas plants of various electricity generation capacities ranging from 50 kW to 5 MW.

“The Renergon-EnviroTaqa partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies who recognise the need for an integrated solution approach to advance the deployment of biogas plants in Egypt.”

Karl-Heinz Restle – Renergon’s CEO.

Envirotaqa has a long-term goal of becoming a leader in Egypti’s biogas sector and it aims to leverage its partnership with Renergon to achieve this goal.

The company revealed that it plans to build and operate several biogas power plants in Egypt with a total capacity of 10 MW by 2025.

In the long term, the company wants to extend this production capacity to 50 MW, a goal which it hopes will make it become a true leader in the biogas sector in Egypt.

Egypt, like many Arab world countries has a challenge managing its waste due to high population growth rate and rapid urbanisation.

Most of its waste usually ends up in unsanitary dumpsites which are also rapidly filling up due to the amount of waste produced exceeding capacity.

Biogas however has the potential of helping Egypt sustainably manage its waste, a bulk of which is biodegradable organic and it has since attracted interest among investors.

Last year, Egyptian and foreign investors expressed interest in getting involved in the construction of biomass power plants in Egypt, committing investments of up to US$2 billion in the process.

Egypt said that through the projects, it will be able to improve the rate of waste incinerated in the country, to about 600 tonnes daily.

The arrival of EnvironTaga into the biogas production scene will thus contribute towards the sustainable management of Egypt’s organic waste.

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