EGYPT – Trella, a digital trucking marketplace based in Cairo, Egypt has announced its expansion into Pakistan. This marks the third market Trella has launched in since it was founded in February 2019.

The expansion into the Pakistani market is a strategic move by the Egypt-based startup, with both countries adopting a similar market structure, showcasing high growth potential for the startup.

Trella expansion to the Pakistan market successfully complets its third launch into the MENAP region. The expansion into Pakistan aligns with the startup’s broader strategy to further expand across the region.

Established in 2019 by Omar Hagrass, Mohamed el Garem, and Pierre Saad, the startup’s digital marketplace aims to address challenges within the trucking industry across emerging markets.

Challenges that are identified within the industry include shippers experiencing unreliability, high price points, and low transparency. To combat these challenges, Trella offers customers reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation through its digital marketplace.

Trella has a network of qualified carriers that deliver a quality service as the digital marketplace uses automated dashboards that offer constant support to customers. Users are able to track live loads and are provided competitive prices with additional savings from backhauling.

The qualified carriers are provided with consistent demand and have the opportunity to grow their business.

“We are here to change that and aim to become the largest digital end-to-end logistics provider in Pakistan and transform the way freight is moved in this country,” said Saim.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to assemble an A-team with diverse backgrounds. Each of our employees have played a big part in making the launch successful.”

Pakistan is reportedly one of the largest road freight markets in the MENAP region, which includes the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The Pakistan market displays growth potential as a result of the growing middle class in Pakistan and the advancement of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The market experiences challenges such as the low adaptation of technology and a lack of access to finance.

Trella indicates their confidence in the Pakistan market and explains that the shippers and carriers are willing to receive suggestions to accelerate growth.

Industry players are demanding tech-savvy innovations that drive the approach of Trella’s services. The expansion into Pakistan has allowed the startup to perfect its product-market fit and because Trella expanded so soon into the growth-potential market, the startup will reap the benefits.

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