TANZANIA -de Carnys Capital has announced two-year US dollar and sterling loan note opportunities to qualifying subscribers, promising an interest yield of 8% per annum. The offers are made by invitation only by way of Information Memoranda. 

Investment into the Tanzanian treasury bond sector offers a compelling opportunity and the backing of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for the Treasury Bonds further provides a high level of risk mitigation, according to Jim Coleman, CEO of de Carnys Capital. 

The offers will be open for acceptance until the targets of US$300m are raised or until the offers are declared closed at the directors’ discretion. 

The offers are in two tranches, denominated in sterling and US dollars respectively, of up to a total of 3,000 notes at a price of US$100,000 per note. The minimum application size is US$100,000. 

The proceeds of the issue will be used to finance the purchase of treasury bonds issued on behalf of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania by the Bank of Tanzania (the country’s central bank). 

de Carnys Treasury 1 (DCT1) is the issuer of the sterling notes and de Carnys Treasury 2 (DCT2) is the issuer of the dollar notes. Both issuers are 100% owned by de Carnys Capital (DCC). 

DCC, DCT1 and DCT2 are incorporated in England and the notes are documented under English law. Coleman said that treasury bonds are liquid, with an active secondary market in operation. 

The rate of return is competitive, they are transferable and negotiable, can be pledged as collateral and are relatively low risk because they are issued and guaranteed by the Government. 

Treasury bonds are only available through Tanzanian authorised agents of the Bank of Tanzania. The DCC management team and market facing broker, Archco have spent many years researching the local economy and markets.

DCC intends to apply the entirety of funds raised to the purchase of the treasury bonds because we are satisfied that the treasury bonds issued by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania represent a secure, viable and ethical means to facilitate an attractive investment return for investors.

de Carnys Capital offers underwriting support services for international debt and equity capital markets by sovereign, municipal and corporate entities worldwide. 

The firm also advises on mergers and acquisitions, disposals and restructuring within the international financial services sector. 

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