COTE D’IVOIRE – The General Confederation of Enterprises of Côte d’Ivoire (CGECI) has partnered with German development agency, GIZ to launch an energy awareness initiative that aims to boost the competitiveness of Ivorian companies, while reducing their carbon footprint.

The CGECI/GIZ second awareness and information campaign for businesses and industries in Bouaké on energy efficiency and renewable energy is being launched at a time when low-energy and low-carbon industrial development is being popularized in Ivory Coast.

Energy efficiency is especially becoming popular as it reduces running costs for businesses, lowers carbon emissions and shows the public that a company is environmentally aware. 

Afrik21 reported that Bouaké, Ivory Coast’s second largest city, is home to several industries in the textile, tobacco, and mahogany, thus making an ideal venue for the energy awareness initiative.

Through the initiative business leaders and industrialists of Bouaké were impressed upon concepts and measures such as: assessing the needs of companies, carrying out an energy audit, and adopting simple gestures to reduce energy consumption.

The Bouaké energy awareness initiative comes one week after that of San Pedro, a coastal town located in the southwest of the Ivory Coast.

This convention also aimed to strengthen the resilience of Ivorian SMEs and companies through 11 training modules.

“These trainings will enable us to open new perspectives for Ivorian industries,” said Brou Ahoua, the President of the Energy Sub-Commission at CGECI.

“They will also help to create competitive companies in Ivory Coast, capable of conquering the sub-regional and even African market.”

Energy efficiency is a key issue in the fight against climate change as it allows the implementation of both adaptation and mitigation mechanisms.

This is what is needed on the African continent, where many of the countries which are most vulnerable to climate change are located.

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