MOROCCO – CDG Capital, a Moroccan investment bank focused on growth investments for SMEs has announced an unknown investment in SCE Chemicals, a leading specialty chemicals company in Morocco.

The deal gives CDG Capital a minority shareholding in the company through a capital increase.

According to the companies, the proceeds will be used to fund the development of a manufacturing unit for new chemicals, expanding the firm’s capabilities in industrial chemicals.

SCE Chemicals which previously imported chemicals to meet the needs of its customers will be able to expand, diversify its product range and secure new growth opportunities in the future to come.

The company serves industrial customers in Morocco and export markets, providing specialty chemicals, fertilizers and other chemical inputs for various applications.

It distributes products like sulfonic acid, silicates, alumina sulphate, powdered sulfur, sulphuric acid and other chemical inputs for the detergent industry.

Its client portfolio includes Unilever, P&G, Distra, and the National Bureau for Drinking Water (Office National de l’Eau Potable).

“The chemical industry secures inputs for the Moroccan industrial ecosystem and the demand for locally manufactured products is particularly rising due to the increase in import costs.

SCE Chemicals has inherited the expertise of international market leaders and has been continuously enhancing its production capacity and business standards under the guidance of a visionary management.

We are excited to back the company in its ambitious growth strategy and believe our partnership with SCE Chemicals will be key in strengthening the market position of a national industrial flagship,” said Hassan Laaziri, who led the transaction for CDG Capital Private Equity.

Founded in 2006, CDG Capital S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Moroccan Caisse de dépôt et de gestion (CDG).

It is the fifth investment of Capmezzanine II, following T2S (medical equipment), Maymana (fine catering), Trarem (office furniture) and Steripharma (pharmaceuticals).