EGYPT — Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), a world leader in imaging solutions, has announced two new partnerships, underlining the company’s commitment to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The first partnership was forged with with Delta and it establishes a new local presence in the North African nation.

The second partnership made with Tenaui; extends the successful relationship the companies had earlier formed in Nigeria.

Canon noted in a statement that, “This win-win collaboration gives it a greater presence in an important market, deepens Canon support for the new partners, and provides the proud Canon community in Egypt with greater access and assistance.”

It also noted that, Delta and Tenaui enjoy a strong foothold in the Egyptian market thus making them ideal partners for Canon even as it strives to continue to provide easy access to its wide range of innovative products and printing solutions.

Tenaui is  for instance a market leader in imaging solutions through a group of companies covering Middle Eastern and African markets.

The firm has over 26 years of experience in the Egyptian market alone, giving Tenaui a professional established status in the North African market epitomized by a strong reputation for reliability for the Egyptian consumer as well as with partners and resellers.

“We welcome the extension of our partnership agreement with CCNA to expand our product offering in the B2C business model that fulfill and complement the needs of our targeted market sectors. While also building on our strong B2B product relationship,”says Yasser Elfarra, founder, president and CEO of Tenaui Egypt Ltd.

Delta Trading, on the other hand, is a commercial and agent service company with a goal of facilitating access to a range of printing and packaging products at the best rates to its customers.

Delta also offers training to ensure that its customers have all the necessary knowledge to make the best use of the products they acquire through them.

Mohamed Younes, Chairman at Delta, is confident about the success of this new long-term partnership. He said, “ We attach great importance to the reliability and modern safety features of the products we distribute and are therefore very proud to be able to expand our range with those from Canon.”

“We are delighted to be able to count Delta and Tenaui among our partners  to promote our products & solutions in imaging business,” says Somesh Adukia, Managing Director of CCNA.

“Appointment of two new partners will strengthen  our market presences & vertical channel penetration in-country, giving more local insights to get closer to customers in high-potential markets such as Egypt.”