NIGERIA – On-demand transportation platform, Bolt, one of the world’s On-demand transportation platform has expanded its operations to Nigeria’s City of Port Harcourt.

According to Mr Uche Okafor, Bolt’s Regional Manager for West Africa, Bolt currently operates in eight cities in Nigeria.

The other cities where Bolt offers its services are Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Owerri, Benin City, Calabar and Uyo.

Okafor said that the expansion to Port Harcourt reinforced Bolts vision to make urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable.

He further noted that the firm was also keen of making its partnership with drivers and vehicle owners more favourable by introducing flexible employment opportunities.

The company has also put in place measures to improve the security of both its drivers and customers.

According to Mr. Okafor, the company placed a high priority on safety both for the drivers that use the platform to connect with customers, and for the customers that use the platform to hail ride.

 “We have ensured that our drivers undergo background checks by the State Intelligence Bureau arm of the Nigeria Police Force,” said the company’s Regional Manager for West Africa.

“We have also integrated an SOS button into our drivers’ app that automatically notifies the Police Control Room of the Rivers State Police Command whenever it is activated.

The company announced that it would be offering a 20 per cent discount on all fares for the launch period.

Passengers also have an opportunity to enjoy a free first ride with a promo code.

Drivers working with Bolt are expected to receive 85 per cent of all fares paid by passengers. The platform also gives drivers the power to decide how many hours they were willing to work.

“Drivers using the platform are their own boss, as they can choose how many hours they drive, there are no monthly dues, and they can work in whichever areas they want to,” Mr Okafor said.

Bolt has justified its decision to put age limit on the cars on its platform by saying that it was meant to make everyone hailing a ride through Bolt have the confidence that they would get to their destination safely and comfortably.