MOZAMBIQUE – Bank of Mozambique – the central bank of the country- has received fresh blood in its board following the swearing in of Silvina António De Abreu as an administrator.

The Prime Minister, Carlos Agostinho do Rosário, challenged the central bank’s board of administrators to contribute to the bank fully fulfilling its mission of preserving the value of the national currency.

 “We believe that the newly sworn-in administrator, with her extensive professional experience in the service of the Bank of Mozambique, will contribute to ensuring that this institution fully fulfils its noble mission of preserving the value of our national currency, the metical,” he said.

The Prime Minister believes De Abreu will actively participate in the implementation of monetary policy, as well as in adjusting the macroeconomic management instruments to respond to current challenges arising from the conjuncture of internal and external trends.

 “I also hope to contribute, in this position, to ensuring that the financial system remains robust, solid and increasingly inclusive, as we welcome more and more people into the financial system,” De Abreu said.

Silvina De Abreu has a dream: “I would like to be able to contribute to our having a Mozambican payment system that would function fully, securely and efficiently,” she said.

She is not new to the Bank of Mozambique, last year being appointed director of the Bank’s Communication Office, reported the Club of Mozambique.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Do Rosário also inaugurated new members of the Gaza Higher Polytechnic Institute, including managing director Mário Matangue and two deputy directors, Albino Simione and Carlos Balate.

According to the Prime Minister, the new management of this higher education institution should prioritise teamwork, involving teachers, technical and administrative staff and students in the life of the institution.

This kind of management should be extended to the institution’s communities and key partners through ongoing dialogue in search of solutions to the full fulfilment of the mission of shaping the man of tomorrow.

One mission that the new managing director wants to embrace, is to make the Gaza Higher Polytechnic Institute an international institution in terms of quality.

“We have the quality standard of the National Quality Council, where the indicators are, so here our matrix is to base our work on the indicators and from there take the institution to the highest level of quality,” he explained.