KENYA – Daikin Industries, the world’s largest maker of air conditioning equipment, has launched its operations in Kenya as part of its global strategy to increase footprint across the emerging markets, globally.

While announcing its plan to set up the facility in a few weeks’ time, Daikin India Chairman & Managing Director, Mr Kanwal Jeet Jawa, said that the East African market has great potential for air conditioning penetration, which will be supported by the Daikin production facilities in India.

Jawa said Daikin is introducing cost-competitive and reliable products to the East African market specifically customized for usual weather patterns and fulfilling Kenya’s energy labelling standards.

“We are strong believers in cost competitiveness, which is offering quality products at the right price through local partnerships, powered by advanced technology and with value-addition,” he said.

Despite being a price-sensitive market, Jawa said East Africa has the potential to grow their sales which they will aim to achieve through their volume zone strategy.

He said the company operates multiple research and development labs across India, that is steadily exploring air conditioning products that are future ready, eco-friendly, and affordable.

He added that currently, the manufacturing facility produces over 1 million air conditioning units annually and with the new facility operational over the next few years, it will take Daikin’s total production capacity to 2.5 million air conditioning units.

He said that Daikin seeks to replicate the Indian success model across all emerging markets including East Africa mainly due to the price-sensitivity similarities and create a strong foothold and prominence through – People, Processes, Products, Distribution and Brand.

“We aim to develop our business in Africa, where long-term population is expected, using our products that are designed to operate stably in environments with unstable electrical power supply and after years of research and customized products, we are ready to work with our business partners and dealers to grow the air conditioning segment,” added Mr Jawa.

Given that Kenya has the potential to act as the economic, commercial, financial and logistics hub for East Africa, Daikin plans to utilize Kenya as the gateway for its products and services to East Africa and serve its discerning customers.

Kenya has been globally highlighted as the new hot spot for business growth and Daikin is poised to partner in this economic & infrastructural development.

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