KENYA – AAR Insurance Kenya has launched a medical insurance policy that allows patients to access treatment without sub-limits even in cases where a minor illness requires intensive treatment, report The Star.

AAR is especially good news for mothers who will now enjoy maternity covers to the full cover limit unlike previously where the maternity benefit was capped to a minimal sub-limit. 

Patients with chronic illnesses will also enjoy the full cover limit within the benefit purchased.

AAR Insurance Kenya Managing Director Nixon Shigoli says AAR Unlimicare gives the unlimited freedom by allowing clients to access inpatient and outpatient treatment without the worry of sub-limits and are therefore able to focus fully on recovery.

“Patients and their families are no longer exposed to additional bills yet they have not exhausted the full amount covered by the policy,” said Shigoli.

The move by AAR Insurance comes as a relief to many families, who have had to fork out additional cash to meet unexpected medical emergencies due to sub-limited benefits.

Its timing is also apt at a time when the country is grappling with an upsurge in cancer cases, which are now the third leading cause of death in the country.

The new cover from AAR is also aligned with World Health Organization’s (WHO) principles on universal health care (UHC).

Most medical insurance policies are designed with limits on particular high cost treatments. These are generally known as sub-limits.

Consequently, these sub-limits have contributed to the general low health insurance cover rates in the country.

Most individuals in the informal sector are unable to invest in health insurance owing to the high costs involved in purchasing a cover.

 “Good health is critical for personal development as well as that of the nation. As an insurer, we recognize this and have allowed our customers to access necessary medical interventions as per the purchased limits. We want to give our clients full value for their money,” explained Shigoli.

The Unlimicare policy allows clients to choose in-patient medical coverage ranging from KSh 500,000 (US$5,000) to KSh5 million (US$50,000).

This will cater fully for pre-existing and chronic conditions, maternity, congenital, pre-maturity and psychiatric conditions.

The outpatient benefit ranges from KSh 50,000 (US$500) to KSh 250,000 (US$2,500).

Other benefits include consultation fees, prescribed medication, accident hospitalization, pre- and post-natal care, diagnostic tests and procedures, child vaccination and last expense benefit.